Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Compostela Cebu is rich in beach resorts where most of the locals visit on summer time. When in terms of expenses, you should not worry about it because there are selected resorts that fits to the budget. One good example is Bianca Amihan Beach Resort.


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The resort is located along the main road so no worries when your riding a public or private vehicle.


Entrance fee? Not a problem, entrance is free. Only for cottages that ranges from 250-500 php depends on the capacity of accommodation.

The Experience

The reason why I came to visit the place because of a team building activity that planned to be held in other resort but due to unexpected reasons we have to transfer and tada! ..we found Amihan resort. Though the venue did not reach our expectation but we finished the activity just right.

On the afternoon, by 3 PM the water gets low so what you can do is either go swimming farther from the shore or take pictures just like we did.

In terms of food, just ensure bringing your own foods and drinks since there's no available store inside. Maybe you could go to Mercado, one ride from the resort, to buy meat, fish, snacks and etc.


*Swimming equipment rental
*Open ground for activities
*Grill station

The Horizons


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  1. hey hannah! do you live in cebu? such a beautiful place!

  2. thank you annie! Yes, I live in Cebu.
    You should pay a visit some time :)