Wednesday, October 22, 2014

If your thinking a serene place to go that is accessible right from Cebu City, then this post might be helpful for you.

Just this weekend my classmates were inviting me for a "suroy" or leisure trip to Liloan and I said yes without any second thought when firstly, the person who invites was my bestfriend (who rarely ask for it), secondly, self-award as first sem ends, and lastlty when she mentioned PAROLA, oh lalala it was music to my ears. I've never seen a Parola so closely so I guess, man this is the best time!

Believe me, you will fall inlove by its charm.

The lighthouse is a historic landmark in Liloan that has been standing since 1904 .Constructed by the order of William Howard Taft, the first Governor General of the Philippines, during the American time after originally built in 1857 by the Spanish.

The old Parola built in 1857 by the Spaniards


A picture of couple enjoying the of overlooking sea 

Heading back from visiting the old parola

This is the old  calachuchi tree I found to be attractive which I guess has been standing for centuries  and I think is a good subject for photoragphy. Oh well we don't know, this tree might  a witness during the Spanish time. 

And we meet this cosplayers who held a photoshoot soon we knew were also from the same school we're attending.

And if you guys got hungry after strolling around, then a restaurant called "sugba-sugba" or grill is just located beside the parola. But in our case, we brought our own snacks.

And hey! Mind you I was on cloud nine when we spot this group of photographers in their gigantic cameras. Of course,I did not missed the chance to observe and roam around.

So my post ends here. Hope we bring you with us in our parola escapade. Till next time!


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  1. nice kaau..except sa mga cosplayer..peace...ayaw tug-an Han ha? hahahaha