Friday, April 24, 2015

So last week, me and few of my blogger friends were invited for a private food tasting at Adora's European and Asian Restaurant located in upper ground floor JCentre Mall. This gave us a sneak peek on what this new restaurant could offer to the public before going live.  

Before going through its dishes, I'd like to mention its neat, posh and classy interior design.

To begin with, here is a dish for a meal starter, the Crispy Chicken Wings for 150 PHP. It is a deep fried chicken wings with chili sauce

Superb for the crispness and the blend of chicken to the chili sauce. I suggest using your bare hands, it adds up the fun. 

 European Dish: Seafood Critolla 350 PHP
Chunks of fish, peeled shrimp & squid basked in cream & tomato sauce.

If you are a fan of European food, this is a must-try. A seafood creamy experience for a heavy meal. 

European Dish: Poisson A'la Vapeur 245 PHP
Steamed fish cream dory with white sauce.

Dessert: Fried Ice Cream 165 PHP and Apple Pie 180 PHP
Deep fried ice cream coated in flour topped with hershey's chocolate and cherry.
And delicious pie crust with apple filling and top with apple slice

Hola! Never tried this before, a fried ice cream. But I eat anything that is ice cream, this is just so interesting. 

The over-all food tasting is satisfying knowing that this restaurant not only offers Asian including Filipino dishes but also European food. They have plenty on their menu that you could choose from; starter, main course, desserts, and beverages. All prepared by Chef Ariel Bugtong for Asian food and Mikael Susi for the European. 

One last thing is my compliment for their service. The waitress\staff were very approachable and accommodating. One of the aspects most of us look into in a restaurant.

For a visit: 
Adora’s European and Asian Restaurant
Upper floor of J Centre Mall, 168 A.S Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu A. S. Fortuna Street

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