Saturday, June 20, 2015

We always have that feels of longing for beaches. Summer or not, daytime or nighttime. Picture taken above is a weekend gateway at Karancho Beach Resort in Mactan with my cousin who just celebrated her birthday that week. Which also her kind of last summer outing before official class starts. Lucky her, she have the most supportive cousin ever.  Hmm.

Bring up Mactan, Cebu, I would say that there are plenty of beach resorts to choose from. Whether your in tight budget or a go for fancy resort, for a company event, friends/family outing, you name it.
Karancho Beach Resort is located in Maribago, Mactan Island, Cebu, B. Tumulak St.
Where you can travel 30 minutes from Mactan airport and likely an hour or 2 from Cebu City. 

Fortunately, I get to acquired a copy of there rates from one of the their service staff.


Day (6AM-6PM) Night (6PM-AM)
  • Adult 80 php
  • Child 50 php
  • Free entrance for children below 3 feet
*Guest who will not rent cottage/s will be charged 100 each.
Maximum of 3 guest allowed.


capacity price

capacity price
Round Hut 15 P800 tent 4 (jumbo) 40 P1500
Bamboo Hut 15/20 P1000 tent 1,2,3 30 P1200
Talisay Sand 20 P1200 tent 5, 6 30 P1500
Shoreline A 20 P1200 seaside hut 10 P1500
Shoreline B 30 P1500 beach function 50 P2500
Kugon hut 1,2 30 P1500 bamboo function 60 P2800
Nangka Hut 30 P1500 bahay kubo (4 pax free) 10 P2000
Karancho Club House 150 P10000


RoomsFree PersonsDescriptionDay rateNight rateOvernight
villa A62 queen-size beds, TV, aircon, ref, T&B
8AM - 7PM
8PM - 7AM
villa B62 queen-size beds, TV, aircon, ref, T&BP3500P3500P5500
budget A21 king-size bed, TV, aircon, T&B
6 hours
12 hours
24 hours
budget B21 queen-size bed, TV, aircon, T&BP1500P2500P3500


Darts 50/hr baroto (boat) P250/hr
Mahjong 50/hr jetski P3000/hr
Pool (billiard) 80/hr banana boat (5) P4500/hr (8) P5000/hr
Badminton 50/hr kayak P100/hr
Volleyball 50/hr parasailing P5000/15 mins
Basketball 50/hr water ski P5000/hr
Pingpong 50/hr water board P5000/hr

water tube (4) P5000/hr

 We stayed from afternoon until the late evening so we got a chance to watch this very fascinating view. Karancho is just a neighbor of those known big resorts.

The resort operates 24/7 on 2 shifts. Am shift (6AM-6PM) & PM shift (6PM-6AM). Cut-off times are stritcly implemented. DAY/NIGHT rates will be charged to OVERSTAYING guest.
  • Entrance fee is separate from cottage rental fee
  • All electrical equipment (tv,karaoke,player,speakers) have corresponding charges.
  • Groups larger than 30 persons should coordinate with management for "coupon-policy" implementation.
  • Management is NOT liable for any loss,damage,or accident occured within the premises. The resort will do its best to give assistance during these emergencies.
  • Upon cancellation of reservation (15% deduction) from your down payment.
  • Extra charge for all alcoholic beverages. Please ask corkage policy.
  • Karancho practices proper waste disposal. Please segregate trash (BIO/NONB IO).

One lesson I learned from this trip is to do accurate research beforehand. We unintentionally going for Karancho yet we landed there. I mean its not in our options either. It just happened that the resort we planned to go is closed and disfigured to a new establishment 2 years ago. Disappointment suddenly hit me because we need to change plans. Soon to realized the blog I read for reference is dated last year 2012.    

It's never been a bad stay tho.

You may want to contact for inquiries: 
Landline:520-3514 Mobile:0923650467

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