Cebu's Newest Attraction: Alegria - Badian Downstream Canyoneering

Friday, October 23, 2015

Canyoning or canyoneering is the sport of exploring through canyons by engaging in such activities as swimming, rappelling, rafting, and jumping. Downstream canyoning operation in Alegria has started last year and massively gained its popularity not only to Cebuanos but to adrenaline junkies from all over the country.

I've been wanting to try this exhilarating four-hour adventure but to no avail, either because of work conflict or no one is spontaneous enough to come with me.  Fortunately, heaven has answered me when iCanyoneering Cebu and Kawasan Coop collaborate with CBS (Cebu Bloggers Society) to experience this one of kind death-defying challenge that most people in town are talking about.

So stay with me and read on til the end of this post to know how I made to Kawasan Falls from the canyons of Alegria
How To Get There
It is best to start the activity around 8-9 AM, so as early as five in the morning the team has gathered in Cebu South Bus Terminal to hop a bus for a 3-4 travel to  Matutinao, Badian for roughly 140php bus fare.

When we reached the house of Sir Isau, our contact from Kawasan Cooperative, with Miss Chevy of iCanyoneering Cebu, who is our main contact of the event, we were first pampered with an appetizing breakfast while having a briefing of the precautionary measures beforehand.

 We're set with our gears on so we headed to Kanlaob, Alegria drop off point via multicab and motorcycle for some.

Kanlaob Registration Hall
What To Wear
 Wear clothes that you are comfortable of and it is recommended you're fully covered like wearing leggings  and rash guard (I wore a swim shirt though) to avoid scratches and bruises.  For footwear you may wear trek sandals/aqua shoes.

With fellow members of Cebu Bloggers Society ready to juander!

Yang of hopscotchmemoirs blog

What To Bring
Oh Yes! First on list is your underwater camera for valuable pictures. Man this is a 3-4 hour swimming, jumping, climbing, trekking and once in a lifetime experience, your snaps are worth saving. I might comeback for a second time canyoneering but not too soon. 
I was actually confident with my smartphone on hand with a waterproof bag  but  was advised to give it to our guide because it might still leak and they don't trust it. haha. I had no choice, I can't risk and afford to buy another phone though. My thanks to my blogger friends who had a GoPro with them, especially to  Ly of for the grabbed photos.

It's a quite expedition to take, you may bring snacks and water and store them into a dry bag or your guide could keep it (if your host can provide snacks, the better!)

The first jump was utterly intense. I was self-assured at first but became reluctant the moment I set my foot on the cliff. But then again there is no turning back plus, there are other groups waiting in line to take their turns. I was more concern of them being mad at me haha so I took a deep breath, gathered the remaining guts in my system, and finally plunged myself into the deep cold water.

I didn't expect that my first terrifying jump would give me the opposite effect. Unbelievably, I had this strong impulse to it do again and again and literally looking for more falls to jump.
It's essential to always follow your guide to avoid mishap and injuries. They know the canyons better than we do.
Random break with the mesmerizing stalactites  behind us

Everyone's favorite, the sliding part!
The 25-foot high waterfall that gave me goosebumps and took me attempts before I finally landed to the deep aqua water. This photo does not justify though, but trust me, it's higher than you think.
This is optional and can proceed to lower platform but I can't just let it pass. The dynamic cheer from other CBS members made me dauntless even more. But to make sure I don't go home with fractured bones, I make sure to follow its proper execution, which part to land in the pool of water then waited for the signal of our guide.
And yes! It was definitely an awesome adrenaline experience.
Reaching level 3, the source of Kawasan falls and where trekkers traversed from Osmeña Peak to Kawasan exits
 Rates and Equipment
One of the things to consider in your next canyoning activity is your tour guide. There could be very inviting rate offers by some operators but please make sure you the guest and guide are proportional in number. We can't definitely compromise and risk our safety. The ideal is 1 guide for 4 guests but can be extended to 6.    
 The more you go in group the lower the fee, starting 5 pax for 1500 php each. I find the rate reasonable enough because of below inclusions and our local guides had undergone proper training prior guiding tourists into the canyons;
  • PFD
  • aqua shoes
  • helmet
  • local guides 
  • entrance fees
  • snacks
  • lunch 
After the trek to Kawasn Falls everyone was exhausted  with a hungry tummy. The package came along with these scrumptious food and you'll be effort-free of buying\bringing your own lunch. 

    Kawasan Falls pose ender with Almera of Almeratalks blog

    The canyoning ended with a lingering feeling of coming back. It was tiring but rewarding. Never thought  a tiny and sluggish one could make it haha.
    I had a great time with the team although I met some of them for the first time. For an extreme outdoor adventure, downstream canyoneering in Alegria - Badian is a must-try!

    Bookings and Inquiries
    Contact Number: 09176546065 
    FB Page: iCanyon Cebu Canyoneering 
    Email Address:

    Kawasan Nature Park Multi-Purpose Cooperative:
    Contact Number: +63 927 582 1183
    Contact Person: Isauro Belarmino

    Have you been to canyoneering or planning for the coming weekend? Let me know your thoughts below and will entertain further questions.

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    1. HAHA. DMD ang pamaol after jud.. :D
      The last jump was really death-defying yet you managed to jump all the way. Naikog jud ko.. HAHAHA
      If naay sunod, hopefully, I really do hope naay sunod, mulukso na jud ko.. Waaaahhhh

      1. ikuyog nato ang mga gors sunod ray! Tas mag jump shot sa canyons Hahaha

      2. Hahahhaa :D
        Nah, ending kita ra sad duha kay mahadlok.. especially te eths :D LOL