Monday, August 15, 2016

Exercise is something I failed to manage in my schedule. My metabolism is not as good as anyone else who eats a lot but maintains in shape. I can be guilty sometimes when I tend to gain extra weights and  do nothing about it at all.  As the saying goes, 'How am I supposed to lose weight when the best about life is food'. LOL. Struggle is real. 

Until one day I joined Ashtanga yoga class for the first time. I started to enjoy the sessions especially when I can fully perform a complex pose. For beginners like me, it takes an arduous effort and great perseverance to practice especially when your working full time. In the contrary, I know it all paid off knowing and understanding the benefits of yoga. No. I'm not going to enumerate it. 

In the progression of my practice, my perspective towards yoga has changed. Not to rely on yoga to lose weight. There's more to yoga. Yoga makes me happy, relax and embrace inner focus. It also taught me to be strong, flexible, and just... breathe. 

The 'get ready with me' yoga version

With the couple bloggers, Nym and Bryan of  Flip and Dip blog  
Few weeks ago, I was enliven when Anytime Fitness Sunset Yoga invited us for an intimate yoga session at the Skypark of SM Seaside Cebu.  I thank the organizers for the great venue we had here. This was my first outdoor yoga and I couldn't be more impressed. 

Square your hips.

GORG view.

Hands to the sky.

The be-careful- with-your neck pose

The practice was divided into two session; Ashtanga and Power YogaThe Ashtanga part was pretty smooth for me. The power yoga was another first and it's name speaks for itself. It requires a strong physique to endure the intensity and level difficulty of poses which I am not yet confident of.

PUSH your hands to the sky!

Practice about to end.

Savasana. The closing pose.

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